INSTRUCTIONS ONLY! Lego Star Wars Custom Ultimate Millennium Falcon

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Included in your purchase (download):

  • Fully Illustrated 875 Page PDF Instruction Manual
  • Bricklink XML Upload-able Parts Lists
  • Other Instructions

This set will required approximately 7500 Lego bricks, which are NOT included.

It is recommended that you have some model-making experience beyond just Lego assembly (or at least a willingness to learn new skills).  Construction calls for some pieces to be built out of 1/8in brass hobby rod.  Assembly requires basic soldering skills.

Suggested tools:

  • Hacksaw
  • Metal hand file
  • Soldering iron (40w minimum)
  • Safety wire pliers (optional, but recommended)
  • 600 grit sand paper

You will NOT need to cut or glue any Lego pieces.  Assembly requires four custom 1/8 brass brackets to be built, but these interface with the Lego clips just like any official Lego 3mm hose would.  The 5/8 steel rod for the stand also interfaces with the Lego quite nicely (a standard 2×2 round brick is about 5/8 diameter.)

As a reminder: I am selling digital instructions only.  There are no physical parts or tools included.




I’ve just completed work on this 7500+ piece Lego replica of the Millennium Falcon. I’ve invested about 260 hours into this project. The ship is 32″ in length and 23″ wide. It’s MASSIVE, and also incredibly detailed.


The Ultimate of UCS Lego Falcons

Lego’s official set includes only 5200 pieces in comparison to this set’s over 7500 pieces. When both models are viewed side-by-side, Lego’s masterpiece starts to look very much like last year’s model.

I wish I could take full credit for the designs, but two other builders deserve much more credit for this than I do. Flickr user, Marshall Banana (click to see his awesome version of this set), who is responsible for the original 7500 piece monster set that went viral and inspired my creation, as well as another Flickr user, Mike, who originated the basic scale and shape including the designs for the cockpit, hallway to the cockpit, the whole area around the guns and basic shapes for the forward hood, the sidewall techniques and the side portions of the fuselage that house the boarding ramp and escape pods.

All that said, I did make numerous modifications and improvements in designing my model. In fact you’ll be hard-pressed to find a section were I didn’t make refinements.

Build Methods & Techniques

This set is built using 100% genuine Lego bricks. However I did resort to using some custom parts and techniques for the internal structures. I wanted to avoid quirky connections as well as to keep things consistent throughout the set so I chose to expand upon a technique I used in my custom UCS Jango Fett model using 3mm rigid hose.

Lego’s official 3mm rigid hose is great for making complex connections, but for this set I would have needed it in massive continuous lengths which Lego doesn’t make. In looking for an alternative, I discovered that 1/8 brass rod, as is used for regular model making, happens to be exactly the right size to serve as a 3mm rigid hose replacement. Lego’s 3mm hose – it turns out – is actually 3.2mm.

The brass tubes opened up a lot of creative options for the internal structures and I’ve even gone so far as to design a few custom soldered brass pieces for this set. I wanted to keep the set as Lego as possible so I did keep these techniques to a minimum. However, they solved huge structural problems where I did use them and allowed me to avoid having to use strange, mickey-moused connections.

I also used safety wire to attach some of the panel pieces. Though I considered using Lego rubber bands, I chose wire because it will last considerably longer and provides more stability.

If you’d like to see more details of the build process, check out my Instagram feed. I’ve posted pictures from throughout the build process.

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    Great Manual i have to say! The file is simple and it’s fun to built the ship step by step! Great seller!

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